Month: August 2014


3 Things All Fathers Should Know

  Your Presence Matters I don’t think men are uplifted and encouraged enough in today’s society. There is so much expected of them as far as work and intimate relationships, but you don’t hear enough encouragement as far as fatherhood is concerned. As a mother,…

Independent Women are not to be Feared

I have heard things such as "You are too independent for your own good" , "Being independent takes away your feminine side"; " Why do you have to sound so educated", and "You are doing all the things a man should do for you so you will…
Health & Fitness

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Are you one of those people who think that coupons are not for you? Do you think fruit, vegetables, along with other healthy food are too expensive? Better yet, do you think the way you are eating now is better on your pocket-book? Believe me when…
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