3 Reasons We Kill Our Dreams

Too many dreams at once, no starting point

Do you at times feel as if you don’t know where to begin because there are too many things you want to do? You don’t know which dream to start with? I know how you feel. A lot of us can relate to this scenario during our college years. Personally, I am not one to spend much time with no starting point. My sophomore year, I decided to make a list of careers I see myself in and choose one that I counted as a starting point. I started with that career with a plan to go back to school and do any other ones I develop interest in in the next few years. Having too many dreams can be a way to kill your dreams. You feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Do yourself a favor and logically pick one dream that is doable in the time being. Be sure to keep your plate full but not spilling over.

I am a 26 year-old educator on the run of becoming all that I can in the time that I have. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with spiritual discoveries, healthy habits, and a passion for education stronger than I've ever had. Learning what to do to become a better person have always interest me. One of my passions is to know a little about everything in order to gain the capability of forming my own opinion so others won't have to do it for me. Another passion that was buried deep inside finally came to the surface and allowed me to see the adventurous side of me. I am on a journey to see the world and do things outside of my comfort zone. I will write all about it along the way!

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