3 Things You Need to Know About Co Parenting and Blended Families

Co parenting can be difficult because there are two different people involved living in two different places trying to “do what’s best for” and raise one child or in the case of more than one child, children. So needless to say a lot of maturity is required, but if you both truly want what’s best then you can do it. One of the biggest things you’ll need is respect for each other as parents. At this point you’ve slept with each other and created another life so if they are that different in their thinking, values, morals, etc it’s just going to have to be something you deal with accordingly. Your child should never be used against the other and there should never be negative talk about one another to or around your child. Children feel things deeply and they’re smart. Parts of each of you are within your child so when you talk down on each other you are tearing away at pieces of your child. That is something that will follow them into adulthood. They know when there’s tension etc and no I’m not saying there won’t be days when you’re frustrated or irritated with each other, that happens even in the happiest of homes, but it’s all in your actions. You two should consider yourself a team and to be quite honest no matter how things go you will always be your child’s family whether together or apart.

Sit down, communicate with each other, express yourself, talk about what you want for your child or children, talk about what your concerns are and respect each other with all of it. You’re not going to agree on every single thing, you wouldn’t do that even if you were together or married but you have to come to a mutual understanding and agreement either way. You have to look at it like a relationship that you want to make work and just like with all relationships communication is vital. Don’t wait until something you don’t like has happened five times before you open your mouth and express yourself and then go about it all the wrong way. In every single thing you do what’s best for your child should be in the forefront of your mind. If you can do that then you can be a successful co parent. Your child will be so thankful for all of your sacrifices and effort when they get older and can understand just how much it must’ve taken to do what you did. Both of you all’s love for them will leave a lasting impression.

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