3 Things All Fathers Should Know

  1. Iron Sharpens Iron

You two may not always agree on everything, but you and your child’s mother are the “iron” here. Together you both instill what your child needs now and will need in the future. Iron sharpens iron. No matter what your current relationship status is with her, you need to do your part at establishing the best dynamics possible. It will be so much easier to raise your child up right if you two work together not against each other. Learn to listen and communicate on things regarding your child. There is no room for selfishness when raising a child. Show her the highest level of respect as you both strive to be the best parents you can be. Put forth an effort to do everything you can to help her. She will appreciate this more than you know. Yes, I know that this goes both ways and that is why I say iron sharpens iron, but as the man, it is important for you to step up even when she’s slacking and do all you can to do the sharpening. You’re a team, two star players going for the win. Your child is blessed to have you both,so bless each other.

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