6 Steps to find yourself after a breakup

 3.) Journal 

Expressing feelings in words will help in ways you could never imagine. Feelings on the inside, need to be let out somehow. For me, it was through journaling. I spent time a lot of time writing down exactly how I felt. The more I would write, the more I began to feel at peace. I even wrote motivational quotes and reminders about how beautiful I am on sticky notes and placed them around my house. I know that that may sound like a bit too much, but it encouraged me to keep going. Journaling also helped me to write down the lessons I learned from that relationship, and helped me to take responsibility and see the mistakes I made as well. All in all, I think that expressing how you feel and writing it out in a journal can help the healing process.

4.) Quality time with positive people

Spend some time with positive people.  Being in an environment of happy and supportive people tends to brighten up one’s mood significantly. So, go and spend some quality time with friends and family that are positive, encouraging, and want to see you smile again. If you are spiritual like myself, spend intimate time with God. Allow him to help you become whole again. Quality time with good company and lots of laughter almost always puts a person in a better place than where they were before.

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