Getting a life coach doesn’t mean you’re crazy or weak, it simply means you refuse to let your pride keep you from seeking the help you need to make the next step in life. –Pierre Alex  Jeanty

Everyone needs advice in life. Even the brightest and strongest individuals have mentors along the way, coaching them to improve and excel.

Gentlemenhood’s coaching program is dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life write better pages in their life story.  It is  for those looking to develop an improvement plan in whatever area(s) they need to improve. Our program will allow people to utilize me, Pierre Alex  Jeanty, as a personal adviser, accountability partner, or just a listening friend who will help you devise steps to push you in the best direction for you.

Our coaching program operates primarily through technological modes of communication. Sessions are held through video sharing, phone calls and text messages. However, if you are located in southwest Florida, meeting places and face-to-face visits can be arranged.

Ways our  gentlemenhood coaching service can help you improve in life:
  • Provide great support during challenging times.
  • Help you find clarity, build confidence and take control.
  • Assist you to overcome the fears and doubts holding you back.
  • Receive positive insights and encouragement without being judge, unbiased advice.
  • Help you build yourself up.
  • Help you recover from past hurt.

Coaching programs require a $50.00 deposit (as a payment for the first session.) This will consist of consulting, brainstorming, gathering necessary information to put together a coaching program for client, etc. 

I look forward to working with and helping more of my Gentlemenhood family! 

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If you’re looking for one time counseling or looking for quick advice. Please see  visit our shop and see our private coaching option.