The Single Mom’s Guide


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is denying your child(ren) the opportunity to have a relationship with their father.  You have to let go of whatever hate, pain, differences, or bitterness you have in your heart for him. If your child’s father wants to be active in their lives let him.  That is a huge blessing in itself. I know that every situation is different and sometimes it may not be in their best interest, but I am talking about when it is. I am talking about when the only explanation you have for not allowing the relationship is your personal problems with him. Once you begin being spiteful and using your child(ren) as tool against him you begin blocking your own blessings and hurting them in more ways than one. Being a woman of worth and class means looking at the bigger picture. The big picture is although you and their father have parted ways you both are blessings to them.  Even if he has moved on and has a new woman in his life he is still their father and still deserves to be just that.  If it is best to allow the court to establish an agreement then allow that, and if it is possible for you two to create a system please do that.  Just recognize that keeping him from them for petty irrational reasons hurts them more than anything.  Don’t let them hear you speaking negatively of him. Don’t talk them against him.  Let God handle him in the areas you have no control over.  Do your part even if that means being the bigger person.


You can’t always control everything, but you can control your actions. Start today with a positive outlook on yourself, and on your life.  If there are things you don’t like begin changing them, but make sure you are making changes for yourself, your children, and for the better.  You deserve it. You deserve to wake up every day happy with yourself, and happy with your life.  Nobody’s life is perfect, but it surely can be closer to it than you think.  Remember that it starts with you.  You are a woman wonderfully made by God, and your future with your kids will be so much brighter once you truly embrace who you are and the beautiful blessing God granted you when he made you their mother. Every day won’t be easy. Some days may be extremely hard, but there is nothing you can’t do with God on your side so keep your head up beautiful!

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