Three Signs: Do they want me or nah?

They are not at their happiest when they are around you:

If we stay in tune with a person’s actions we all can notice whether or not a person is having a great time and truly at their happiest in our presence. When you are out they eager to indulge in conversation? Eye contact or lack thereof can tell you so much. When a person is truly happy, it shows in what they do. They will choose to surround themselves by you even when you two have no great plans. Your presence just makes them happy. You will notice that they smile and laugh a lot. Without even saying a word you will know that your presence definitely makes them happy. If you have spent a lot of time with a person, and you notice that they seem like a much happier and vibrant person when they’re with others versus when they’re with you then that could be a sign. Two people who plan to be in a relationship should bring out the very best in each other.

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  1. Lil H

    Lovely read. It’s really helpful cos I have a decision to make of who to keep in the friend zone, and I also have to see who is keeping me in theirs and not be in limbo myself so thanks for that x x x

  2. Moises

    I realty needed this. Thanks for the post.

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