Why Mature Men Don’t Want Women With Attitudes

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of fighting movies. A few people referred “IP Man” to me and I watched the first one last night. What I extracted out of the movie inspired me to finally write this blog post. IP (the main character) is the best fighter in the town, he is calm and collected, never challenged a soul, never bragged, and never tried to prove himself. The town itself was known for having many martial arts classes. IP who is well capable of being a Master and more than qualified to teach never did. Many people who were not even close to being as good as him had many students. Once there was a group of men from outside the city who were loud, strong, competitive who wanted to challenge every fighter in the town to show that they were of great strength and that their leader was skilled. They were on a quest to show what they have and take over the city with their talent. The leader fought everyone and ended up beating every single challenger. When they finished winning all the matches someone interrupted him on his little bragging rant and said to him “you haven’t fought the best, IP.”  The leader and his crew asked where to find IP and from there went to IP’s home. IP declined them and politely asked them to leave at first, but they wouldn’t until IP’s wife eventually hinted that he could and IP fought and won effortlessly.

We live in a time where many were raised by single parents and younger parents more than ever. It’s quite obvious that this current generation lack morals, manners are a thing of the past. Many grown people act like immature kids. It might have something to do with a bunch of kids having and raising kids. That’s beside the point, all sorts of wrong popular beliefs are everywhere throughout America nowadays.  All these toxic beliefs are bled into the relationship realm as well. Where people are glorifying the wrong things and presenting them as right which brings us to this topic of why mature men don’t want women with an attitude and what’s wrong with attitudes.

1.)  Bad attitudes reflect a lack of growth.

We all have flaws that separates the mature and immature. The mature grow and make necessary changes to evolve. The immature embrace their flaws yes, but they justify them and seek to find strength in them instead of growing from them. Many women of today are being taught by both men and women that your flaws are never an issue it’s just people isn’t strong enough to handle your character. They say things like “only a real man can put up with my attitude” and other cliche things that justify for their lack of growth.

An attitude is a flaw, it’s something you have when you’re not at peace with yourself. A short fuse means you have anger issues you need to deal with, always being ready to tell someone off means you lack self-control and respect. Being outspoken isn’t being loud and obnoxious, being blunt and sarcastic isn’t commendable, being uncivilized isn’t showing them how it is. The characteristic of a woman with a bad attitude are characteristics of a child  yet many men are taught to embrace it as strength in a woman. Those characteristics are no different than the ways of the fighter who had something to prove in the movie. Being better than many in the martial arts field, he acted as if it was okay to be uncivilized, loud, and ready to prove a point simply because he had talent. He carried on as if it was the right way to conduct himself when he believes he is the best.  A mature man is looking for a civilized woman who’s not obnoxious, who seeks peace, who’s soft spoken, meek, wise, slow to anger. Everything that is opposite of what women of bad attitudes represent. A mature man is looking for someone who is hesitant to prove a point but quick to act in true humility.

Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority. He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti now Alex resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida where he focuses on making a difference in this world.

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  1. Neka

    Well written post. I totally agree with your statements. I’ve never been a woman with an attitude, however from time to time I was difficult.,

    As I’ve groen and matured, it’s more important for me to observe and keep comments to a minimal. If you let them, ppl will bang themselves.

  2. Rolando Peralta

    I can relate to this article. Having recently come out of this type of relationship. I hated the drama, arguing and constant criticisms. I also hated who i became. The worst was brought out of me. It was a learning experience and I’ve grown from it. Attributes, like kindness, gentleness, peaceable, wisdom and a loving spirit are at the top of my list. Don’t have time to waste on people with me negative attitudes. Thanks for writing this. God bless.

  3. DH

    Thank you for this article. It reminds me of what I put up with for almost 10 years in my former marriage, and I did my best. Unfortunately, my best wasn’t good enough, and it only got worse over time. Many times, I was told to “man up” and deal with my ex-wife’s attitude. Eventually, she brought out the worst in me (I’m no saint either and I acknowledge my shortcomings) at times when I least expected it. Two people going “toe to toe” with attitudes doesn’t solve anything. It only makes the relationship worse. The best thing that happened to us is that we broke up, and now get along better (for the sake of our children) as a result.

  4. luuzee


  5. Alilya Emmanuelle

    Great article! I like the fact that you have pointed out, attitude has a lot to deal with lack of peace with self and anger issues, as well it reflects immaturity. We should keep in mind, bad attitude does not help or solve issues rather than adding more problem. I can conclude that, we should deal with inner self then the other prrson.

  6. del

    vice versa. no woman wants a man with attitude either

  7. Sheena

    Good read. The same goes to women. Well, I guess to mature ones. We all want someone who will bring the best out of us and someone who is willing to keep our own inner peace always in place.

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