One Saturday evening, after watching a series of Tyler Perry movies, I decided to watch one more, titled “For Colored Girls”. I loved the plot, the message, and everything that the movie was offering. However, after the movie ended, it had left a bad taste in my mouth. I begin to realize the way men were depicted in this movie, simply annoyed me. As a man who strives daily to be more productive to society, bring some positive light to this world and become a prince charming to a woman one day, it wasn’t fair to me that this movie was having such a discriminatory outlook on men. Prior to that, I was online browsing on different social networks and notice most relationship advice information was in favor of women and degrading towards men. In that instance, Gentlemenhood was born. Gentlemenhood was birthed with the purpose of educating men not live their lives as those men depicted in the movie and to serve as a tool to help those already going that route. [quote] The Gentlemenhood mission is to share our experiences and lessons to help create better men in our world today. Men who aren’t afraid of love, or being polite; men who are disciplined and hardworking gentlemen who will make a difference. Our focus is to empower men in all areas of their lives, from health to spirituality and our goal is also to inspire better women as well, encouraging them not settle for grown boys, but give them hope, that real gentlemen still exist.[/quote] Gentlemenhood is dedicated to helping young men mature, influence fathers and mothers to aspire for better, bring hope to women, inspire better lives and change as many hearts as we can.