Why Contribute to Gentlemenhood.com?

  1. To be part of something great:

Our goal is to impact, to inspire better men and give hope to women.  We are going against the norm encouraging men to live by better standards and women to have better standards.

  1. Your post will receive more exposure. Your writing will now be seen by more people than usual.  We have supporters from all around the world who read our blog, if you have something good to say they will eyes to read and ears to listen.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Minimum 500 words – We won’t accept posts that are less than 500 words unless the post itself is phenomenal and would be a great read for all.


  • Try to write from a personal standpoint.  

Gentlemenhood.com is not your typical blog site with updates on entertainment, news etc. We focus on sharing experiences and lessons with the hope that someone can learn from them and make some changes for the better.

  • Provide original, personal, and honest work.

Original means that you are the author of that piece of writing. We are looking for people who can consistently provide their own thoughts, use their own imagination to influence others.  We do allow our writers to post writing from another site, however, we want you to publish your own work more than anything.

  • Featured Post. 

We welcome posts from other sites, but we ask that you change nothing from the original article, place it in the featured category, cite the url of the website and add the name of the author in the post.

  • Contributor Requirements.

You cannot become a contributor, if you will not be able to publish 3 or more articles monthly.  We will take you as a featured writer, but not a contributor.

How to Submit:

  • Send your post in.

We prefer a Microsoft word document, but we will accept anything.  2-3 sentences or less. Include a bio, 60 words or less, at the bottom of the post.

  • Upload a photo of yourself at gravatar.com (if you’d like a photo to show next to your bio).

Also, please include in your email the email address you used for that gravatar.com.

  • Send an e-mail to gent.assistant@gmail.com