Beautiful You

Beauty is so much more than flawless skin, a vivid white smile, luscious lips, bright bold eyes, freshly groomed hair, and a toned and tight body. In fact those characteristics, among other physical features, are merely a fragment of what true beauty is, but oftentimes the physical aspect of beauty is what it praised and chattered about most, because of this so many suffer from hidden pain from low self esteem.  Many put so much emphasis on what they feel they should look like, and what they wish they could change about themselves physically that they fail to ever embrace the most important realms of beauty.

Somewhere there is a mother hungry, but deciding to use her very last to make sure her children are nourished, and somewhere else there is a big brother hugging his little brother and sister tight as they hear their parents fight reassuring them that everything will be okay. Somewhere there is a husband who really desires children embracing his wife, and telling her he loves her so much and they will get through not being able to conceive. These are all beautiful moments from beautiful people. You see, beauty exists in its most pure form in our hearts, which in turn is seen through our actions. This realm of beauty is the most important. Never let anyone tell you differently.

It is time that we begin spending more time on what we exude from within than, which color lipstick will be most intriguing, or which outfit will get more attention from others. Physical beauty can’t help heal a broken heart, it can’t help bring forth a positive change in the world, it can’t hold a marriage together, or strengthen a friendship. It doesn’t reassure another when in need, or dry a tear for a hurt soul. God will not judge us based off our physique. See physical beauty merely attracts, but after physical attraction has occurred then what. What happens when you open your mouth and begin conversing with another person? When others need you to help them what do you have to offer?

There is nothing at all wrong with exuding physical beauty, or even striving to always look your best, but there is a lot wrong with feeling low, unaccepted, or unworthy because you think you don’t fit society’s most popular view of beauty or even another person’s opinion in general. You are a beautiful individual by what resides within you. We are all imperfect and flawed and there will always be someone who others feel is more physically attractive, but what you need to focus on is the beautiful you. “Beautiful you” meaning the confidence you have in making a difference in the life of another. The desire you have to bring peace to stormy situations. The drive you have to wake up each day and spread positivity to those around you. The intense desire you have to see others prosper and accomplish their goals. The innate fire that burns within to love, cherish, and provide for your family daily.

Each of us has the same opportunity to radiate beauty. No matter what has happened in your life up until this very moment it is never too late to begin working on a beautiful you. Oftentimes we allow life’s unfortunate situations to rob us of our inner beauty. We adopt the feeling that in order to survive we must harden our hearts. We lose our compassion for others, because people have hurt us in the past. Healing after being hurt is essential to remaining true to yourself and mandatory in order to maintain your inner beauty. This world needs more people to work on and recognize their inner beauty than flaunt and praise the outer. Take a step today and begin acknowledging people for what resides within. Deem it as valuable. Looks fade over time, but your beautywill last long after your physical presence is absent. Join me in a #BeautifulYou movement. Begin teaching your children the importance of inner beauty along with being confident with their outer. Children are the future. Help someone who may have lost their shine due to life’s ups and downs gleam again. Acknowledge, accept, and appreciate the beautiful you.

Hello and welcome to a glimpse into my world. I am Curtrice Williams. A southern woman born and raised in Alabama. I am 29 years old, and a mother to a wonderful 6 year old son. I am a writer committed to walking in my God given purpose. I currently work for the founder of Gentlemenhood, Pierre Alex Jeanty, as his assistant and as the editor of this website. Along with that I am the Co-Founder and face behind Gentlewomenhood. I'm a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Health Education with a special concentration in Human Services. I am also the executive assistant for the fashion brand "Splashed By DKG". Motherhood, writing, education, and fashion are motivating aspects of my life, I view it all as an outlet to touch others. Gentlewomenhood is something I place a lot of my heart into, it is a beautiful way of expression that can educate, motivate, and uplift others in ways only they can truly express. It takes more than one person to make a difference in this world, but by using our gifts we can together be the change we would like to see in this world. Join me into a movement of education, clarity, inspiration, motivation, and uplifting! You may follow my handles: Instagram & Twitter @gentlewomenhood. Email: The fashion page that I am connected to is @splashedbydkg on Instagram & Twitter, and Splashed by DKG on Facebook; the official website is

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