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10 Habits to Power Up Your Day and Life

“Every day is a winding road”, Sheryl Crow sings in the background as I’m writing this.

Change is good especially if this affects your life in a constructive way. Before you go on reading this, I want you to go to the mirror. Now, oftentimes people seek their happiness in outrageous ways, but little did they know that the first and best way to look for happiness is basically right in front of them…themselves.

So, I share with you ten easy-to-do and low-cost tips on how to find your bliss and feel optimistic in a snap without having to buy a ticket to an expensive getaway or spend thousands on shopping.

1. Hydrate:

I’ve said this in one of my articles last year how water pretty much improves one’s contentment and state of mind. Drinking at least a liter of H2O literally helps your body parts run smoother and clears your head.

2. Sleep:

Yes, zzz’s. When you’re tired and you feel that your mind is no longer contributing any positive effect on your decision and judgment, go to sleep. Recharge your body. If you normally snooze for five hours, try stretching it to eight, but no more than that  unless you want to wake up with a migraine.

3. Share a hug:

No matter how young or old you are, how underrated or cheesy it might be, you have to admit that hugging makes you feel immediately at ease. Set the tone for a better day by hugging your significant other, your parents, your kids and your friends.

4. Be grateful:

Expressing gratitude makes you feel more rewarded. Say thank you to your parents for providing the best love and care over the years. Leave a thank you note to your other half before they wake up, thank him/her for sticking with you regardless of your differences and shortcomings. Send a thank you card to your friend(s) who remained true through the best and worst versions of you.

5. Compliment Yourself:

Believe in the saying that you should love yourself first to be able to share love with others. Give yourself a pat on the back for maintaining a nice skin, for doing your own makeup the first time, or if you got through a grueling business meeting.

6. Exercise:

Love your body! Find a workout routine that you actually enjoy. Do the basic yoga, running, plans, squats, step-ups or even cross fit for at least 15-20 minutes a day. Personally, I prefer dancing as my daily exercise where my body’s spinning around as it helps me feel even more energized and calmer once I’m done.

7. Down time:

Ever worked six days a week and when you finally get your one day off you still feel stressed thinking about the things you wanted to do to squeeze in your only day off? Relieve yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour of down time every day and do nothing. Yes, the dishes are waiting to be washed, there are clothes to be folded. But give yourself this unplanned time off each day and notice how fast it uplifts you.

8. Disconnect yourself from technology and social media:

Try to practice at least one hour each day that you don’t look at your social network accounts or just leave your smart phone unattended and just relax. Believe me, it does work wonders to your morale.

9. Have a personal playlist that would fit your current vibe:

I have my own theme songs for me and my love, a separate one for spiritual songs, for work out, for sleeping or to perk up my day. Listening to the same songs over and over will help you better connect with its core message and keeps you motivated on your purpose. Feel positive in every moment, sing the songs of your life.

10. Reckon your savings every day:

There is nothing wrong in wanting total control of your financial affairs and making sure that youre spending within your means. Having wealth consciousnesss makes you feel more responsible and happier.

Try to establish all of these simple habits and feel empowered. Count your blessings, experience them and you’ll be indebted for life.

A nocturnal 30-something kitchen slave who believes the universe is one gigantic food lab, and chronicles her mundane thoughts in hopes that someone would learn or be cautioned from her flawed adventures. Instagram: @the.quotejournal

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  1. OscarCR

    Greetings from Costa Rica to each of you. It’s a good article; interesting how loving yourself is a great one way to power up your day. A great way shine through the whole day us to plan a great breakfast the night before (or at least think about it and taste it in your mind) this will make you wake up pretty enthusiastic and share an smile: As everyone expects from a gentleman. Helps as well for those who not the best friend of mornings!

    I hope to learn from all of you and share something on short time!

    Pura vida!

  2. Rapunzel

    Thanks, Oscar. Glad you like this, please check out my co-authors’ write ups too for more daily inspiration 🙂 We’d love to read your sharing as well. Que tengas un gran día!

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