A Good Woman Will

A good woman will encourage her man: Men have bad days too.  They go through periods of feeling lost, confused, and unsure of what to do next. Even when all seems to be going great it is important to speak life into your man. Encourage him by blessing his day with positive words. Let him know that you are proud of what he’s doing in life, and always push him towards greater. We live in a world where more people want to see us fail than succeed, so be a safe haven for him. Be someone he can count on to say just the right thing. There never has to be a special occasion for encouragement, “just because” encouragement is priceless.

Hello and welcome to a glimpse into my world. I am Curtrice Williams. A southern woman born and raised in Alabama. I am 29 years old, and a mother to a wonderful 6 year old son. I am a writer committed to walking in my God given purpose. I currently work for the founder of Gentlemenhood, Pierre Alex Jeanty, as his assistant and as the editor of this website. Along with that I am the Co-Founder and face behind Gentlewomenhood. I'm a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in Health Education with a special concentration in Human Services. I am also the executive assistant for the fashion brand "Splashed By DKG". Motherhood, writing, education, and fashion are motivating aspects of my life, I view it all as an outlet to touch others. Gentlewomenhood is something I place a lot of my heart into, it is a beautiful way of expression that can educate, motivate, and uplift others in ways only they can truly express. It takes more than one person to make a difference in this world, but by using our gifts we can together be the change we would like to see in this world. Join me into a movement of education, clarity, inspiration, motivation, and uplifting! You may follow my handles: Instagram & Twitter @gentlewomenhood. Email: The fashion page that I am connected to is @splashedbydkg on Instagram & Twitter, and Splashed by DKG on Facebook; the official website is

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  1. Joshua

    This article is so dope! this is a snapshot of the ideal woman for a guy. WOW!

  2. Alexas

    “a good woman is a praying woman!” yaaaaaaaaaaas!!!

  3. Sir Timothy Warner

    I do love this list, but it’s missing a few things, like “A good woman will not sleep around” or “A good woman will know when to say no” or even “A good woman will know when to leave” I think the most attractive part of a woman is her personality and character, even if she encourages, supports, prays, or listens to her man, that’s only what she is giving, not necessarily who she is as a person. They are for sure the “fruit” of a good woman, but it begs the question “If that’s the fruit, what’s the rest of the tree like? What makes it grow” and “How can I support it as she is giving?” I love this train of thought.

    • Curtrice Williams

      Hi and thank you for your feedback. You’re rights those are also characteristics of a good woman. Technically, an entire book could be written on the traits of a good woman. My aim here was just to name a few. A mere glimpse into my idea of what a good woman will do. So since this is just a glimpse you’ll be right on track to imagine that the rest of the tree is just as fruitful. I think these things do indeed say a lot of who she is as a person, but realistically speaking it will take personally getting to know a woman in order for a man to genuinely label her as “good”.

      • Sir Timothy Warner

        Oh what a good word Curtrice,
        It really could be a great book one day, and I love what you said about it being a few “mere glimpses” because it flirts with the idea of there being more… And for gentlemen, that adventure in itself is attractive and worth pursuing. Thank you!

  4. Daniella

    YES! I have personally seen how praying turns everything around. When the flesh wants to fight, argue, or cause isolation, God guides us to love and give. His guidance is vital to any relationship.

  5. Charity Calhoun

    Great read, couldn’t agree more. (:

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