I find it imperative to always tell someone how you feel as opposed to suppressing them or avoiding them by binge drinking, partying, sleeping around, etc. The danger of allowing your emotions, feelings, or opinions to build up in you can become cancerous. You start to inherit mood swings, bitterness, and a loss of faith. As a parent, always allow your child to express themselves in order to feel relieved and refreshed. It avoids anger and tantrums. Allowing your child to have a voice builds confidence and a higher self-esteem. It gives them a sense of ground. People just want to be heard and understood from their perspective regardless if you agree or not. Hearing others speak on certain issues or their feelings about what bothers them allows one to feel comfortable and respected. It is very imperative to our well-being, it helps us to be better understood as a person. Suppressed emotions must leak out somehow even if you thought that you got rid of them.

I recall when I latched on my father recently. Everything I held in about how I felt by his inconsistency, lies, and lack of effort finally came out. It came out of nowhere and it came when I just got aggravated by his behavior. It didn’t come out rude or disrespectful, it came from a hurt place. My voice cracked trying to fit everything in a sentence. I just couldn’t pretend any longer. I broke.

That’s what happens when you’ve held so much in; trying to avoid conflict, rejection, or criticism. When you hold it in, you grow depressed. You treat everyone unfairly because of what’s going on inside. With all relationships, it’s not fair. Suppressing feelings, emotions in any relationship shuts down communication that is essential for understanding and fixing! Sometimes you just have to get it out to save what you value. Confront what you feel.

My name is Glenneisha Darkins, I was involved in a tragic rollover accident. The accident left me as as a vent dependent quadriplegic. I am unable to move anything below my breasts. Going back to how I got this way, I got ejected from the vehicle coming from college in Tallahassee, FL on Thanksgiving break– I was attending Florida A&M University. I caught a ride with a student I barely knew just to get home to see my family. It didn't dawn on me that this would turn out to be a tragic outcome. I only remember waking up in the hospital asking for my belongings. The other people in the vehicle walked away except for me and the driver. The doctors announced my injuries to myself and mom; I am a C3-C4 and T-11 paraplegic. My left diaphragm was severely damaged leaving me on a breathing machine until further notice. It was unfortunate for me to end up having limitations. Before my accident, I was a very active child in school and outside. I played sports preferably basketball. However, this hasn't stopped me. I am now enrolled in college at Florida International University as a Psychology major. I attend online class and on-campus. This is evident that my situation doesn't stop me from living my life! I constantly remind my friends and family that I am thankful to be able to accomplish my goals despite my current condition. I inspire my mother, my brother, and friends. I am extremely honored to have survived such a accident. I've gain more courage than I've had before. My season has yet to begin and I thank The Lord and Savior!

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