Poetry Defined (poem)

It’s about words expressing emotions
Using words for their sound and expressions
Painting a still picture of life that’s in motion
Leaving your heart, soul and mind in question

It explores hidden corners of a mind
It restores hope within a line
It’s about a certain rhythm and rhyme
It’s like deep down treasure within a mine

It simplifies the dynamic complexities in the world
Makes problems and hard situations seem like just words
It releases your inner most feeling into just adjectives and verbs
Draws your life direction into smaller pieces of maps

It has the power to cut across any race
It can leave all the spaces in your heart filled with grace
The pace of the reciting can make you dance
Intensely, it allows everyone to make their own sense of the verse

My name is Tinashe Jani and I am 23 years old. Born and bred in Zimbabwe and go by the name Philosophical Playboy as i believe words are the instruments with which if played with correctly can create a better world. Witness my mind in lines, my soul and spirit in rhymes, my heart in a verse unrehearsed and my life's decisions unreversed.

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