His and Her eyes (Poem)

In my eyes we can make beautiful poetry together under the moon whilst the stars pave the way to our magical paradise.
We can relax on the clouds looking at the rainbow whilst listening to the angel bird sing.
We can watch the sunset in each other’s eyes forever whilst I recite a poem titled forever.
I can watch the reflection of the sun through your eyes whilst my heart melts at how you laugh in my arms.
We can sleep in each other’s arms whilst squeezing each other as if the angels may take u away in my sleep.
I can lie on your chest and hear our synchronized heartbeats tell a story of eternity.
Watch you grow into a woman but not independent of love and respect for me.
Make me smile from the inside whilst you whisper words I don’t hear but understand.
Our existence will simply be our existence above love, magic or fairy tales.


You would rather we make beautiful instagram pictures after filters whilst our likes pave our way to so-called celebrity life.
And relaxing to you is consuming all the expensive alcohol and drugs at fancy clubs whilst listening to Chris brown singing the hoes aren’t loyal.
And you only watch the sunset when it’s in a 3D cinema and even then it’s not the script that marvels you, but your sexual thoughts about the actor.
There is no looking into each other’s eyes as you constantly wear ray bans and when you laugh you make it seem like you are on camera.
The only time you hold me tight is when you have a nightmare about me leaving and you squeeze me to transfer your pain.
When I lay on your chest you quickly say I’m heavy and that I’m breathing heavily
You claim your independence in my face as if I oppress women
The constant screams about the life you want and the man of your dreams make me cry inside
Our existence is nonexistent in my eyes just anger hate pain from you

My name is Tinashe Jani and I am 23 years old. Born and bred in Zimbabwe and go by the name Philosophical Playboy as i believe words are the instruments with which if played with correctly can create a better world. Witness my mind in lines, my soul and spirit in rhymes, my heart in a verse unrehearsed and my life's decisions unreversed.

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