4 Ways to Survive Your Quarter-Life Crisis Like a Pro


“I hate my life”, is a phrase Jupiter Jones (Jupiter Ascending) kept saying every morning she wakes up before going to her job. I have some friends who say the same thing over and over whenever they encounter a disappointing moment—like a break-up, not getting the promotion they’ve been working hard for, being unable to buy the latest mobile phone, or failing in their exam. I personally can’t do something every day while hating every minute of it. So look into yourself and give your best to thrive in what you’re passionate about. May it be an epic love, making a difference in the society, or working in a paradise. If it’s unsuccessful, then do better next time. As long as you don’t give up in doing what fuels your soul, it will make you feel less-stressed and enjoy the learning process.


Oftentimes, the people I know who complain regularly are unhappy and ungrateful souls. They look at another’s bowl to see if they have as much as them. These people get so hung up with what they don’t have, and will never be satisfied with whatever is already theirs. The next time you feel that something is lacking in your life, try to think for a second if what you’re craving for is something you really need; and if what you already have will be worth losing over it. Remember, there will always be someone who is happy with less than what is yours; and there are others who are praying for what you already own.

A nocturnal 30-something kitchen slave who believes the universe is one gigantic food lab, and chronicles her mundane thoughts in hopes that someone would learn or be cautioned from her flawed adventures. Instagram: @the.quotejournal

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  1. Jasmine

    Thanks for posting this, I am 25 now and i find myself trying to figure out who i am and it is hard sometimes.

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