Dinner and a Movie? Try These Date Ideas Instead

Go see a play in theatres

  • I have actually gone on a few dates to see plays in theatre. I have seen Cinderella ( imagine that) on a first date! I know the theme of the play was a bit off for a first date, but it was not awkward because we were both amazed at the fact that this was definitely something different for a first date. It was someone I talked to for a while before going on a date with, so we knew one another well before the date.  I know you are thinking, “this can be expensive”, I agree, the tickets were a bit high. I have a way of going around expensive dates though. By going online and seeing if there are websites giving discounts you can really save on outtings that are typically expensive. I went to a classical concert once for $15 by buying my ticket on ( is another good one). If you can afford the $50 or more ticket, the play is well worth it. If not, look for discounts or wait until you can save up for it.  I guarantee if you are the type of person who is into these kind of things, you will not regret it.

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