Dinner and a Movie? Try These Date Ideas Instead

I am a weird person, I will admit this much. However, there are times when my weirdness really works in my advantage. For example, when it comes to going out on dates, I get creative and out of the box. My intention for writing this post is to give you guys a list of date ideas besides just dinner and a movie. I am not against dinner and movie, I am just one of those women who like to get wowed of the thought behind the dates when I go on dates. I am not asking for the man to go all out on the financial side, but personally I simply enjoy going on creative dates.

Here are some ideas that I have come up with it/seen online. Some I have used as dates, others I am still dreaming about. Whether you are going on a first, second, third date or you are already dating/married, always think of outside the box ways to entertain and enjoy each other’s company.

Art Walk

  • If you are in the Fort Myers area, there is an Art Walk downtown every first Friday of each month.  I have been there and it is absolutely amazing. There are arts all around the streets, and different stores are open showcasing modern and antique styles. I enjoy walking around looking at all the talents participating in such a great event – and it is free!All you have to worry about is money to eat or purchase pieces of art if you so choose. It is fun and a great way to get to know the person’s interests. Walking around also gives you both plenty of time to talk, explore, and discuss different topics all-in-one. If you don’t live in Fort Myers, Google to see if your town does something similar. If not, you can go to an art studio, art show, or a museum.

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