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Why And How You Should Encourage her to Live Healthy.

There are right reasons to encourage your woman to live a healthy lifestyle and wrong reasons.  Personally, I eat clean (clean enough) and exercise, because I strongly believe that my body is a temple that needs to be taken care of.  As Jim Rohn quoted “Take care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live”, we ought to treat our health as wealth, and value our body.  Unfortunately not everyone recognizes things in that light or not everyone is willing to live according to that even if they believe it.

In a past relationship, I had the opportunity to learn that you can encourage your girlfriend to follow a fit lifestyle for the wrong reasons.  One of my exes struggled with her weight; she hated hearing people voice their opinions about her weight.  She was raised on junk food and was addicted to it – leading an unhealthy lifestyle.  I was at the beginning of my health journey and saw junk food as the enemy, which quickly became a conflict.  The conflict arose when we would go out , I would pick healthier foods, but she would pick the usual.  Sometimes I would opt out of eating at the places she wanted to eat just because their menus didn’t have anything for beneficial for my nutritional journey.  It reached a point where we argued about it sometimes,  she felt convicted about eating junk food sometimes.  For example:  “ I love eating and want to eat whatever I want without everyone telling me I’m fat,” she would say and my replies would be “ I’m not forcing you to eat healthy”.  I’m encouraging you to make better choices, not because you’re gaining weight, but because it’ll help you in the long run”.  The problem was that everyone else continued encouraging her to live a fit lifestyle, because of the weight she had gain since high school and my reason was “I’m going to marry you if our relationship continues to grow, I don’t want you to struggle with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases at an early age.” People tried so much to get her to follow a fit lifestyle for the wrong reasons, that she began to be blind to seeing the right reasons of a fit lifestyle I presented to her.
Here are some reasons to encourage her:

1: Because she wants to wants to live a healthier lifestyle and wants your support.

2: Not because you continuously complain about her weight while your health is at risk. (Being hypocritical by condemning someone for being overweight, when you’re overweight yourself is wrong.)

3: Because her health is at risk and she welcomes your honest opinions.

4: Not because you desire a hot chick that can catch everyone’s eyes, so you can feel good about yourself.

5: Because you notice the negative effects it has on the relationship and feel the need to deliver the truth even if it’s hard to swallow. (For instance, bad eating habits can cause your partner to be moody most times, tired often where it limits plans in the relationship.)

6: Not because you want your woman to look like those girls in the magazine and you become disappointed when you compare her to them.

Encourage your woman to be fit for a good purpose.  Motivate her and join her all for the right reasons.  There’s nothing like a good couple who’s always feeling and looking good and enjoying their health journey.

Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority. He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti now Alex resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida where he focuses on making a difference in this world.

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  1. Jaison

    Great article, positive affirmation & a genuine concern for your significant other goes a long way. It’s hard to be on the same nutritional ‘song-sheet’ but when you are looking out for their best interest it usually brings out the best in them…being fit for life guarantees longevity & resilience under stressful conditions we put our bodies through each day. I find that you are able to enjoy similar outdoor activities & test your ability in any endeavor whether it is running marathons to help a charity or participating in a fun couples challenge.

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