How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Lack of communication

Communication is the most important point in building a healthy relationship – all relationships in this world are based on communication. We can meet each other, be with each other, and build something together are coming from one point – communication.  In business, communication is one the biggest roles, and in turn communication is the biggest role in relationships.  Once again I say, silent treatment isn’t the answer.  Your couple isn’t a God or Goddess that will understand exactly what you want and what you need and how you feel about something.  Giving signs instead of communicating properly are sometimes misinterpret as well.  Make time and talk and have a heart to heart with a stable, calm and understanding voice.

Guys, you can’t do this by yourself.  Girls, you can’t do this by yourself as well.  It takes two to tango in a relationship, both of you have to work things out together, but before working on those things, you both need to find the main cause – the root of the problem.  Surely doing those things are a bit challenging.  You have to cast out your ego and your pride before talking to a loved one.

You must find a way you convey the things that you want him/her to understand.  Use more lovable words that won’t make him/her feeling disrespected, guilty, disregards, and unloved, or else, you’re adding a new problem instead.

Instead of using the direct sentence, you better use the indirect sentence. For instance, “Honey, it’s a bit painful knowing that you don’t include me in this problem.  I know you can handle this by yourself, but as your wife, I need to know, at least….”.  Even the way that you want to say sorry, for instance, “Baby, I know I’ve been bugging you for so long, but that’s all because I’m worried about you, but I can’t show you how, so maybe I’ve shown you the wrong way, but really, I don’t mean it and I’m really sorry”.

You all feel the difference, don’t you? That’s how you mend a broken relationship.  Of course a problem won’t be solved in a day.  It needs time to understand, recover and begin to love again.

Good luck, buddies!

Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority. He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti now Alex resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida where he focuses on making a difference in this world.

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    Shit, i wish i saw dis earlier… We’ve broken up n even arch enemies 🙁

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