How To Fix A Broken Relationship

 Mending the Broken Parts

Has the love between you both been decreasing?  Lack of love can lead to fights often, because we’re no longer seeing the best in our significant other,  we’re no longer comprising their mistakes, and talk things out.  We prefer to make a distance and keep silent, wishing him or her to understand by themselves.  Is she/he doing something that can’t be compromised anymore? Or are you in a moody state? Maybe, you have fallen for someone out there?  The answer is in yourself and you’re the one who has to mend those broken pieces.  Don’t wait for your couple to do it.  Start it first, have an initiative in your relationship – heat up the love, people!

Yes, I know that seasons change, people change, but love doesn’t.  Love is like a battery bar, folks.  After usage, the battery will drop down and need to be recharged.  Reminiscing those good times and good memories, spend time together in the places that you guys have never been before.  A candle light dinner and a small gift for each other will increase the “love battery up” to 40%.  Who doesn’t like cute little thing called gift.  Trusting each other isn’t the main thing in your relationship anymore.

You can’t build something together with someone that you don’t even trust.  The insecurities, lack of trust, and suspicious feeling between you two are the most dangerous things in a relationship.  The way to solve them is by communicate it out.  There’s a tenet (idealogoy) that I hold tight in my life, and that believe is When you’re in a relationship (or dating), make sure you open your eyes, ears, and heart widely.  See clearly who he/she is.  Listen carefully the way he/she talks, and what their friends say about them.  Open your heart widely – and what I mean is, be friend with everyone, but just settle with one.  Before you settle with one, make sure from all “candidates” you have chosen the best one.  When you both have been married, close your eyes, ears and heart tightly.  No more choosing, no more comparing, love like there will be no tomorrow, because marriage is all about unconditional love.

Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority. He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti now Alex resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida where he focuses on making a difference in this world.

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  1. serki

    Shit, i wish i saw dis earlier… We’ve broken up n even arch enemies 🙁

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