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I went to a conference recently that left me mind blown for days after the conference. I enjoy going to gatherings like this where I meet people in all walks of life concerning different career paths.  In this piece I am sharing some of the things I learned that I am making a daily effort to be mindful of.

The speaker spoke on five different keys to keep in mind as you live life as a builder. He emphasized the fact that we are all builders. We were created to work and build. It is important to find your nitch, per say, and build from there.

The following are notes I took from the conference Increase Summit while Pastor Kenneth Claytor was speaking. This is a combination of his message and my thoughts on the subject he was speaking on.

Enjoy the process

  • This is important as it pertains to being patient. A lot of us, including me, do not like waiting, because we live in a society where we get everything we want within seconds.  The speaker mentioned three Cs to keep in mind when it comes time to wait on something and we have to decide to enjoy the process instead of going crazy. Patient. Persistent. Persevere.
  • Be patient. Rushing hardly gets anyone anywhere the right way. The more patient you are the more clearly you will be able to see the fine details and enjoy the small victories along the way. The journey is important, but so is the way there.
  • Be persistent. Along with wanting everything before we finish saying the words, we also lack the energy to endure the process. We have all heard the kids chant, ” if you try you don’t succeed, try and try again”. I know you are probably thinking, “this is childish”, but it applies to adults as well. Being persistent is important because it allows us to gain strength. Nothing in life comes easy. The sooner you realize that the better moving along will be. Think about it this way, if things come easy, the great sense of accomplishment and power we feel after completing a hard task would be foreign to us all. I have to say, personally, that feeling is one of the best for me. I thrive for it whenever a difficult task is at hand. Awaiting and working for it propels me forward and motivates me to complete the task.
  • Perseverance goes hand in hand with being persistent. Too many times we let go of great dreams simply because we did not want to push through and make it to the end.  The speaker embedded this quote into his message and it is one of the best quotes I have heard all year. He said, ” the only thing that comes overnight is sleep. Everything else we have to work for and we will not make it to the end unless we go through it.” Going through it is not easy, hence a lot of us drop our dreams quicker than we thought of them.

Forget the Joneses

  • To forget the Joneses we have to stop comparing ourselves to other people. Each person on this earth was created to do something and until we figure that out and make that our business instead of comparing ourselves with others, life will become the blissful journey that it was meant to be.  Even if a group of people are doing the exact same thing, each person will execute it in a different manner. So, forget the Joneses and be who you are. Feel free to be yourself.

Spend time in your future

  • I am guilty of living in the future. It can be a bad thing only if you spend so much time in your future to the point where your present is non-existent. Spending time in your future means to look forward into what tomorrow will bring and do what you can do today to make tomorrow what it is supposed to be. I know we are not to worry about tomorrow. However, what the speaker meant by that is we have a part to play in our future and we must do that part. The speaker stated, “don’t let your today speak louder than your tomorrow or else discouragement will set in”. In which case performing any of the three Cs will be more difficult.

Face your Goliath

  • We all have something that holds us back from achieving our goals. A little voice in your head telling us, “you can’t do it”, “this is not worth it”; “it is too hard”, “move on”, “find something easier to do.” David did not let the fact that Goliath was bigger than him or that Goliath has been tormenting the nation for years, stop him from attacking with faith and confidence. That little voice in your head can become bigger than you if you let it. For some of us that voice is our pride, addiction, other people’s advice, bad influence, and so on. Another quote that I took from the speaker to add to my collection is, ” Run after your Goliath and fight because on the other side of Goliath is your promotion”. As if you are about to jump over across a wide river, take full force and run off your Goliath until it is defeated.

Keep God first

  • It is very important that we have a strong relationship with God if we are going to learn patience, persistent, and perseverance. Being a builder comes into play in building a relationship with God. From that relationship everything else in our lives we will fall into place. We will learn to spend time in our future the right way. We will face our Goliaths with faith and confidence.  The Jonses will be the Jonses and will be who we were meant to be-the two will not collide. Most importantly, enjoying the process of the journey will be easier to do.

I am a 26 year-old educator on the run of becoming all that I can in the time that I have. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with spiritual discoveries, healthy habits, and a passion for education stronger than I've ever had. Learning what to do to become a better person have always interest me. One of my passions is to know a little about everything in order to gain the capability of forming my own opinion so others won't have to do it for me. Another passion that was buried deep inside finally came to the surface and allowed me to see the adventurous side of me. I am on a journey to see the world and do things outside of my comfort zone. I will write all about it along the way!

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