3 Things You Need to Know About Co Parenting and Blended Families

Let’s talk about something that can possibly break down barriers and push forth a broader perspective in areas that need it most. Being a parent is one of the most important things you can possibly be on this earth. You, along with another, are responsible for another life. You’re responsible for loving, instructing, nurturing and the list goes on. That’s most definitely no small matter and with as much love and excitement it brings to your family, sometimes along the way this big transition can also come with a lot of unexpected changes in relationships and dynamics. I think one of the biggest things to remember if this happens is that another impressionable and innocent life is involved.

Let’s just be honest, we live in times where there are a lot more broken families and homes, a lot more single mothers and single fathers, less people are getting married and more people are getting divorced but in the midst of it all children are being born. So what does this mean? It means more division. So let’s talk about some things you need know if this sounds all too familiar to you.

1.) Your child doesn’t breakup with/divorce either of you.

So it has happened, that relationship you saw lasting forever ends and becomes one of the hardest things you’ve dealt with. There are way too many reasons that this could have happened, but for you the fact is that it happened and you now have to deal with your feelings and consider your child’s feelings. This can be a very rough time for all involved. Emotions are high and now is the time when so many make the mistake of directing their frustrations in the wrong direction and in the wrong way. Before going any further remember that YOU and the child’s mother or father are the only ones breaking up or divorcing. Your child still is and will always be a blessing given to you both. Now I know at this point there are some women saying, “well if he chose to leave his family then…” Okay, and I hear you, yes, if he chooses not to have anything to do with you and his child or children then yes, that’s a different case. But his choice, your choice or a mutual choice to not be in a relationship together is a totally different thing. Your child was born with an innate desire to have you both; to love you both and that doesn’t go away no matter what the circumstances are. In their eyes you both are amazing people unless they are taught or grow up to feel otherwise so don’t make the mistake of pushing your personal thoughts and feelings on them.

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