Why Honesty is more important than trust in a relationship.

3.) Being honest with yourself is mandatory prior to a relationship and in a relationship:

Prior to the relationship you have to do some serious evaluation and be honest with yourself.  Why?  Because it’ll save you the heartache.  Find out are you ready for a relationship?  If you’re ready or lonely?  Are you willing to commit?  Be selfless?  Put down your pride and walls and love?  Often people aren’t honest with themselves about what they want they go after what they think they want and think might make them happy and hurt themselves and possibly someone in the long run… that’s why.  In the relationship it helps you evaluate where you’re at and where this thing is going.  It help keep you out of a unproductive relationship that’s going no where.  It helps you differentiate whether you’re with the person for marriage or it’s convenient to just stay with each other.  It help you find out if you’re happy or pretending to.  It will help you find direction to the future of the relationship.  Being honest with yourself in and before a relationship will help you make better and wiser decisions.  Once you’re honest with yourself about those things you’ll be able to trust yourself and trust your decisions.

Honesty is a necessity, trust is the life of the relationship, but honesty is every breath of it.  You can have honesty without trust, but trust without honesty is deadly, it’s misleading.  Trust may open the door for honesty but honesty will always room for trust…genuine trust.

Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority. He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti now Alex resides in Lehigh Acres, Florida where he focuses on making a difference in this world.

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  1. Sonia

    Honesty is the first priority; one must be honest with his/ her partner.

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    I coulԀ not refrain from commenting. Well wrіtten!

  7. Jivansutra Vishwas

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I think Trust is one of the most important elements required for a happy and blissful life.

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