Lessons They Don’t Teach You In School

2. The best things come from unexpected moments:

After winning at Illustrado Magazine’s Women of Substance Photo Competition in 2010, I said to myself it was just out of sheer luck. I had limited knowledge in photography, anyway. I’d only learned what was necessary to come up with a decent and realistic shot, but life is indeed strange. When the respectable magazine’s Editor-in-Chief invited me to be part of their bloggers column, I thought, “Why not?”

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m writing for an international publication, in any capacity. Although I did love writing since grade school and had a background on some editorials in high school, I did not pursue a formal course on journalism or creative writing. But I smile at the irony, and humbled about the opportunity no one have thought I would do. I’ve come to embrace my passion for the craft and the people I’m working with. I’m thankful that I didn’t let any apprehensions stop me from trying, despite knowing that I lack formal knowledge of it.

A nocturnal 30-something kitchen slave who believes the universe is one gigantic food lab, and chronicles her mundane thoughts in hopes that someone would learn or be cautioned from her flawed adventures. Instagram: @the.quotejournal

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