3 Tips To Help Let Go of Single Mother Habits That Hurt Relationships

2. Express how you feel and  what the issue is.

A lot of times we hold our feelings in and try to deal with problems ourselves. We feel as if the issue is not a big deal and it’s smart to just keep it inside and eventually it will go away. I must be honest and tell you, that it only grows into a bigger issue, the more you hold it inside. That is what happened with me. The issue of not wanting to let go of being so independent, became bigger than I could handle. So, I finally had a sit down conversation with my finance and expressed how I felt and what I was dealing with. He actually knew what was wrong, but was waiting for me to talk about it. He gave me the reassurance I needed, and reminded me that he was here to help me. After hearing those words, that weight I carried, instantly fell off of me and I immediately felt so much better.

Express to your significant other exactly how you feel. Do not hold things inside and let them brew into a big issue. The sooner you let your mate know your feelings, the faster the issue will begin to get worked on. Do not leave them in the dark on the issues you try to silently deal with on your own. Remember, communication is key, and vitally important. Express how you feel because your feelings are important and significant.


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