3 Tips To Help Let Go of Single Mother Habits That Hurt Relationships

3. Allow him to have a voice in your child(s) life.

Today, many women are forced to play the mother and father role. Many single mothers have the mindset of being the father as well because they are the only disciplinarian in the life of their child/children. We are the disciplinarians and the nurturers. It’s very hard to juggle both roles. However, it doesn’t have to be, once you allow your significant other to have a voice in your child(s) life. Have a discussion about how you want your child to be disciplined and agree on those terms from the start. It’s important to have a male role model in a child(s) life because it provides a sense of structure that is needed, especially in today’s world. Many of you may know that it can be hard raising a son by yourself. There is so much for them to learn about being a man, that a mother can not teach them. Yes, their may be a few characteristics of a man that we can teach our sons, like respecting elders or being a gentleman to a woman. However, we can not teach them how to BE a man. It is a job that comes easier to a man, naturally.

So, in my own situation, I realized that I had to allow my fiancee to have a voice in my son’s life. If I didn’t, my son would have no respect for him and would walk all over him. So, we agreed on how we would discipline him together. Since then, there has been such peace in my life and a burden has been lifted. I have also seen a huge and positive change in my son. I repeat myself less, he is more respectful, and I am hearing more “yes ma’am” now in his replies. (Praise the Lord!)


These are just a few steps that helped in my situation, and as you transition out of single mother habits, maybe they can help you as well. It can be challenging at first, but rewarding as you start the the process. You have been so strong for so long, but now it is time to allow your significant other to help take the load off of you, and to be strong with you.  I am still learning and going through some changes, but following these steps have helped me in my journey. I hope these tips will help you also.













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