Unfaithfully Yours – Realistic Reasons Why Women Cheat.

5 – Loneliness

One time while my friends and I were chilling at a bar, we heard a lady from the table beside ours sharing about how the lack of passion in her relationship drove her into the arms of another; and she’s actually happy that she’s about to get out. She said how she was living with someone who’s too complacent and did not even bother doing something for the relationship to grow. She said she asked if they could play sports, go to the gym, have a date night once a week, but he declined everything she requested, because he said he is too tired from work. When her friend asked if it’s worth leaving the relationship for the new one she has in secrecy, she said yes. And her reason was simple: They have a lot in common and very much in love.

The reasons for infidelity differs greatly for both sexes, however let us always remember that in every action that we take, there will always be consequences. Anger can cloud one’s judgment and generally, we’ll most likely choose the easy way out. To those men who are in stable relationships, please remember that if you stop putting effort, complimenting your partner, and keeping the passion burning, then do not be surprised if she starts looking for it elsewhere. As a woman, I am not justifying the reasons for being unfaithful of my own kind. Cheating is not an accident and there is no excuse for it—it is a choice. I think it is still best to communicate the needs of each other and discuss it when you feel something is amiss in your relationship before it gets worse. I do this with my partner all the time and we open up when we feel something’s off as it puts our relationship on check. There is nothing wrong to make yourselves vulnerable with each other, because it is what makes it more special, that feeling you’re only yearning for each other. It is much more fulfilling to know that you are still the object of your partner’s desire regardless the differences you might have.

If you’re still thinking about cheating, re-think it, and  save yourself and your relationship from more physical and emotional fits of rage by breaking up with your current partner before starting a new one.

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