Unfaithfully Yours – Realistic Reasons Why Women Cheat.

2 – Low Self Esteem

From the day my friend Airam got married, she knew that it was a mistake. She shared with me how she caught her husband masturbating over porn the day after their wedding. She immediately felt unattractive and sick after she saw what he was doing, and the weird thing is that her husband was not affected that much over her reaction. Instead of stopping, he ran to the bathroom and finished the deed off and left the house to buy groceries. When he went back later, he apologized and told her it won’t happen again, but she did not feel any remorse coming from him. She also shared about how her man loves to compliment other women about their appearance or talent, yet all he does is criticize what she does wrong. Their relationship began to deteriorate a couple of months after and one day she told me that she’s having an affair with one of their common friends, but she had no intention of leaving her husband. She said that her friend makes her feel desirable, beautiful, and smart. I was not surprised anymore when I heard that she left her husband and married her friend after.

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