How to Express Your Style without being Immodest

3.) Embrace the size you are and wear your clothes accordingly

You were given the body you have exactly the way it is. You are to maintain it the best you can and embrace it. If you happen to have a problem with it, fix it if you can. If you cannot fix it, cherish it the way it is. Fashion designers are from every corner of the world so they know your shape and size exist. They make clothes to fit everyone. I am excited for short sizes. Kudos to whoever came up with that idea. People like me, we need pants that don’t drag on the floor no matter how tall our heels are. You know when something does not fit, when it is simply too tight. Go to different stores and try on different styles and see which ones fit your shape the best. If you have the slightest doubt about it, chances are you probably should not walk out of the house with it on. If I have time and remember to do it, I sometimes try my outfit on the night before so I know what it looks like while I have time to change my mind.

Remember, flaunting your body does not mean showing excessive amount of skin. Certain parts of the body need to be hidden, that is why they are in the place that they are. Don’t force anything to show when it was not meant to be shown. “What if I happen to have a body shape where things are just showing themselves off”? Hmm, this is where modification should come in handy.  There are so many styles, combination and modification you can make, showing off anything to express yourself may be more than just a fashion statement-that is a whole other story.

Expressing your sense of style without trying to focus everyone’s attention on your legs/thighs, belly, cleavage, and butt is possible. Figure out your real size, embrace it, and find styles that fit accordingly.

I am a 26 year-old educator on the run of becoming all that I can in the time that I have. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with spiritual discoveries, healthy habits, and a passion for education stronger than I've ever had. Learning what to do to become a better person have always interest me. One of my passions is to know a little about everything in order to gain the capability of forming my own opinion so others won't have to do it for me. Another passion that was buried deep inside finally came to the surface and allowed me to see the adventurous side of me. I am on a journey to see the world and do things outside of my comfort zone. I will write all about it along the way!

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